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Nr. 7060 Extremely Rare Dutch Colonial Decanter Case with Silver Mounts & 6+4 Gilded Glass Decanters Gujarat, Dutch East Indies & Gujarat, West India early 18th century, Colonial Batavia box.
Prijs: P.O.A. Height of box when closed: 19,5cm, width: 24cm, depth: 21,5cm; typical height of bottles: 15cm This superb decanter case with silver mounts and matching 6+4 decanters is exceptional for its rarity, quality and condition. We are aware of one other similar set from Batavia, complete or otherwise that incorporates glass bottles. Certainly none has been illustrated in the relevant literature. A set in the Rijksmuseum attributed to the late 17th century incorporates a wooden box with silver mounts and square Japanese porcelain bottles each emblazoned with 'VOC' the initials of the Dutch East India Company. A similar set like this offered here, is sold by Michael Backman Art ltd to a museum. The box is in immaculate condition. There is one tiny repair near the lock. The lid fits tightly and evenly and the box itself sits flatly. The interior compartments are complete and rigid. The woodworking and the silversmithing are of the highest quality. Clearly, this was a costly, luxurious set when it was made or commissioned. The decanters are Dutch in style, although shorter. They are of square form, and taper at the shoulder to a narrow, short cylindrical neck. Al of the bottles have later added silver mounts around their necks. The four smaller bottles have the Dutch hallmark after 1805. All the bottles have clear pontil marks to the base. In any event, the set evocatively symbolises the VOC trading routes of the day: bottles made in European form, most probably in Gujarat, and then being fitted with a box in Batavia. This is an important, museum-worthy set.
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